Wine Bottle Cheese Platter

Something old made new! 

These aren’t the wine bottle cheese platters of old – instead, art glass techniques make each recycled bottle cheese platter a unique work of art that is both decorative and useful.

These recycled bottle cheese platters make the perfect gift for weddings, showers, house warmings, hostess presents, or any other occasion where you want to give a unique, handcrafted gift.

  • Available in imprinted, speckled designs, or unique glass art.
  • All platters include a stainless steel cheese spreader and a wire hanger embedded in the bottle neck.
  • All platters are food safe.
  • Hand washing is recommended.
  • Approximate size is 12” x 4”.

8 glass cheese platters made from upcycled wine bottles


6 ornaments made from the bottom of upcycled wine bottles, with various painted designs

Ornaments / Sun Catchers

Upcycle used bottles into something much better! 

The many variations in recycled bottle glass make each ornament/sun catcher a unique and novel treasure sure to delight anyone. 

  • Each ornament/sun catcher is finished with a beaded wire hook.
  • Approximate sizes range from 2” x 2” to 4” x 4”.


Unique décor for any kitchen! 

Recycled beer bottles are melted and shaped into spoon rests.

  • Hand washing is
  • Approximate size is 9” x 3”.

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3 spoonrests made from upcycled beer bottles - in green, blue, and corona light designs


4 sun catchers made from the bottoms of upcycled wine bottles

Sun Catchers

Recycled glass brought back to life! 

Recycled glass brought back to life! Bottle bottoms are cut, melted, and hung on a beaded string to give new life to recycled glass as a sparkling sun catcher.

Sun catchers can be used inside or outside as they will not be harmed by rain (but should be hung in a sheltered location away from wind if kept outside).

While the sun catchers are mostly round, the small imperfections in the recycled bottle gives each sun catcher a unique shape.

  • Approximate size is 4” x 4”.


Custom Hand Painted Designs

Custom hand painted designs for ornaments/sun catchers may be available. Custom designs may potentially modify standard stock designs by adding your name or may be based on your logo.

With all glasswork, ask for an assortment of colors and styles so your customers will find the one they like. Selecting an assortment also allows rare colors of glass to be included when available.

Not all designs are possible so please contact us for details.

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5 custom sun catcher designs made from the bottom of upcycled wine bottles